My view in the Jamie Oliver Jerk RiceGate! Well, the novelty is what sells hence the national success of Turtle Bay in the UK, we as black people need to revolutionalise and learn to commercialise our culture and profit from it. These things happen because we don’t do this. Indian cooking doesn’t know about certain curries and Chinese cooking don’t know about certain dishes but does it stop them from making money from it and staying true to their culture when at home? No! But here we are again cussing and remonstrating about someone taking the initiative to give exposure to our brand, even the negative of this is great for black Caribbean cuisine and we really should be thanking him. He has bought more attention to the culture more than anyone in the community since Levi Roots. Just Saying!

What are your views?


Further to this don’t you think this is a perfect opportunity to make money and start a new trend?  When did we stop celebrating people that move sample (unique) as Jamaican’s?  Pepper Pot could’ve made the jerk rice (jerk sauce mix in ah di rice) and gained a new customer and started a trend. KMT!

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