Black Culture: Where Are We Spending Our Money?

This topic has been a “thing” for me for the longest time. It started with designer brands and what they represent and the black experience with those brands, an example of this is Tommy Hilfiger, Timbaland to name a few!  The Black community does not in most cases get appreciated for its brand loyalty of some big brand names they choose to represent them in daily life, yet, we still continue to support them knowing that the feeling is not mutual.  Why is this?


The Black Pound

We should know the value of the black pound by now as it has been a thing from the 80’s and became more common in the early 2000’s. The following article was created in 2006 and somewhat highlights the relationship between well-known brands and the Black Urban community.

(Paul McKenzie )

What are we doing to take ownership of the spending power that we yield as people?  Unfortunately, we are not doing ourselves any favours by associating ourselves with these brands in most cases with negative aspects of our culture.  Drug dealing, pimping, prostitution, sexualisation to name but a few things.  Because of this, we are not respected, to such an extent that these labels are happy not to promote us or deal with us in a positive way.


Corporate Social Responsibility

A call for corporate social responsibility should be a policy for anyone to be held to account for the promotion of any of the social ills that affect our community and the wider community in general.  Big brands are blatantly playing on the criminality behaviour that some of our youths are partaking in and commercialising it.  This is not cool. Our children are dying on the roads while living the trap lifestyle to make money to be seen in these brands.  Instead of sending a positive message of work hard and you can wear nice clothes they’re sending out a message of its OK trap, come and spend your money with us.

I am not saying that you as consumers that work hard and like to reward yourselves with quality goods should not buy the brands we all know are worn and glorified by those involved in criminal behaviour.  What I am saying is that we should be conscious of the effects that these brands are having on our communities and the youngers that aspire to look good.

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