Dr Claud Anderson On Black Business

Black Business in Birmingham UK

There are many successful black people in Birmingham that own business that are long-standing and focal points for the community.  Are these the types of businesses best of our business capabilities?  We operate within and limited to a service industry we do not really dominate.  (Food, Hair, Care)!

Representation and Growth

A scary thought as Birmingham the Second City is seeing exponential growth in many areas as we prepare for the Common Wealth Games, HS2 and a Greater Birmingham City Regeneration, what is the significance of the African-Carribean communities engagement with the prospects the city has to offer?

Ownership Of Business Space

Birmingham is identified as having the best performing property prices outside of London, Selly Oak, Harborne, Edgbaston and Jewellery Quarter.  It may be too late for many to benefit from these opportunities in Birmingham as the average working-class family are being priced out.

Opportunities to be had for the Black Community in the Black Country, no pun intended.  I am not talking about renting business premises I am talking about having an Office block or a small shopping mall space.

Just an observation on a few things that I feel we as the Black community should have an eye on to stay relevant.  Let’s create dialogue around the business sector that will keep each other inspired and informed.

Areas of Business We Need To Capitalise On

We are yet to see those with the capability open a black-owned hair store that caters to the wholesale market and everyday customer even though we know that for years it is profitable.   We don’t yet have our own black butchers even though we are a people that love Jerk chicken, Curry goat, Oxtail and even prime steak at times.  The biggest gap in the market also exists for a black-owned venue that can hold exhibitions, weddings funerals etc and does not look like a shubz!

Meanwhile Asian Businesses

represented in most Business Chambers across the country (UK, https://www.greaterbirminghamchambers.com/our-group/abcc/) and Common Wealth is being entertained by international companies coming to Birmingham.  Seeing where they can create partnerships.  The Asian business sector is growing year on year, as our cousins, they had the same opportunities as us the same education.  What are we doing wrong and what are they doing that we can replicate?

Black African-Carribean Chambers Of Commerce

We need to find a credible representative to be a voice for us within the Business community, can anyone make any suggestions on who that can be.  I know we face many challenges and barriers due to faith some of us are Christians, Muslims and Rasta’s.  We also have issues of mistrust but I believe we are now ready to create a forum that will require accountability and due diligence before moving forward.  Tag someone who you feel would be perfect for the role of chairperson for BCC.

Please watch and comment on the videos from Dr Claude Anderson who breaks down the importance of black business within the community.




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