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 Peace to all people that will visit this site in the interest of African and Carribean culture, products and service that are created by those of diaspora.

My name is Mr Jahmeel,

I am the founder of RastaBay, the purpose of RastaBay is to create an online platform where African people can trade goods to a global audience.  The blogging section will be available to those that have an interest in business from any perspective to:

  1. Promote, big-up, advertise themselves, business and brand.
  2. Network with other business minded people from the diaspora
  3. To make Marcus Garvey’s vision a reality for all African people no matter where they are to have the ability to connect and do business.

We will be hosting many people from across the world on the blog, from regions such as Australasia, Far East, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas.  We have the ability to connect with these regions as me and like-minded friends love to network and meet new people.  This is a fundamental aspect of building your business and brand!


 Mom, Dad and me in the early days of Rasta.

So a little bit about me; I am 38 from Birmingham, England.  39 (nearly 40 to Rockstone), married with 2 children and have 3 boys from 2 previous relationships.  I grew up in Handsworth but very much everywhere in the UK has seen me.  My foundations, My Mother and Farther grew me up as Rasta from the order of Niyahbinghi for those who know, culture shop on Heathfield Road in the Basement.

This start in life allowed me to have a connection with Africa and black people that were deeper than rice and peas and reggae music.  I was reading books by Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X by the age of 11, amongst others.  Music that my Father and family, in general, would listen to would be the real roots and culture music that spoke of Liberation, Truth, Rights and Justice, this very much gave me my political and philosophical rebel doctrine.  It also taught me to know the true essence of ONE LOVE (Manners and Respect Bob Marley).

So with my world been shaped the way it did in the 1970’s I was very much about trying to find my way and dreaming of one day to be like Marcus Garvey, I became very much inspired by this man.  Whoever knows the story of The Right and Honourable Marcus knows that he was a man that believed in God, and his purpose was to awaken the people.  He tried to achieve this by not only preaching, but by educating, and also mobilizing the black community economically.

100 years next year Marcus started a business enterprise called the Black African Star Line, this compared to achievements of similar men of stature in this era has not been replicated. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Star_Line) The company was the first to do international trade by shipping produce between Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Carribean.  By owning their own ships they had established a method to create a global self-sustained economy for black people, #WOW!

Just like how Garvey replicated what he saw in the world of business, dominated by others he set out to copy and bring a platform to his people to liberate them.  I am nothing compared to Garvey and never will be, he has inspired my dream to be the biggest online business to business and business to customer shopping platform for black people, bringing Marcus’s vision to the digital age.

Having a vision can be sometimes hard to transmit allowing others to see the same picturesque view as you but I believe that we all can see that there is a better way we have been through too much not to want to make a differnece.   I have set out on the journey to provide this website for black people to build a global business community, to sell their products and services.  I cannot do this by myself it takes the village to grow ourselves and our children and our visions.



This is my cousin who also inspired me to start a company that can help black people, Her name is Empress Zauditu.  When I met her just recently (long story) I met her in hospital, (I will call her Aunty) Aunty was a there because she is so selfless it is unbelievable.  Aunty has a charity called Sick Be Nourished, she provides medical equipment received from donations she has worked endlessly to get and then ships them to people in need worldwide but predominantly Africa.  All this is done while creating a pathway to become a surgeon in the theatre without having to become a Doctor in the NHS, growing up 4 girls one with a disability and a son.  Anyway, Aunty was in the hospital because she travels all the time making sure people are getting looked after and she was running herself ragged basically.

I had to come up with an idea that would be a revenue stream to help The Sick Be Nourished Project, even though we have help from ones in the community and receive monetary donations it’s still not enough to take the workload from Aunty.  So I have partnered with SBN and will donate money made on the platform every month to the charity.

Well this is my first time Blogging and not quite sure how I have done so please comment and interact with the blog, you will be seeing more of me as I share my experiences and journey with you all.

Would love to have anyone who is in business to guest on the blog so please don’t hesitate to contact me for more info directly or using any of our social media pages.

Peace Mr Jahmeel

Email.com:  support@rastabayshop.com

Mobile: (+44) 07722319760

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