Theresa May Africa’s Investment

Africa Mindset

Well, people of the diaspora, are you are still thinking that Africa is full of Aids, Ebola and poor people? The Chinese and Europeans are taking pieces of the pie.  The Mother Land has so much to offer in terms of investment, seeing high returns is normal.  The middle-class boom in Africa over the next 10 years will see big companies making their stake in the economies.

Fastest Growing Economies Ever known to Man

The Economist a financial magazine reports show a clear bias of mentioning Africa, but it is also clear that the shaded areas represent Africa’s development for 2018 and beyond.

Successful people of the diaspora don’t know where their pension is in the UK, trusting someone they have never met to handle their life savings and legacies.  Africa has so much opportunity and can offer secure investment through International banks and Governments

Areas of Development

Africa may be developed more than you know as the videos below show but it has loads more for you to get involved in.  Building more small businesses and family homes, providing more services in areas of health, education, financial and I.T.

Theresa Mays Visit To Africa

Shows you that Africa is a place of interest, don’t let what has happened to you in the West.  Left behind economically in the West bar a minority of successful people of the diaspora from the Sports and Entertainment industry.  Brexit will present many opportunities for people of the diaspora don’t miss out on the them.  Keep logged in for information that will help you leave a legacy!


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